Our Core Values


"We really care about how our product is manufactured"

It is important to us, that our product is made in safe and reasonable working conditions and to be as environmentally friendly as possible.
Our manufacturers are Australian owned and operate in Sydney. They believe in, sourcing recyclable fabrics, quality fair trade garments and using bio-degradable packaging to send stock to all of their clients, including us!
One of our core values is sustainability and ethical working environments. We want to leave a beautiful, healthy planet behind for our children and teach them that fair trade and ethically made products are the way of the present and the future in purchasing goods.
We don't want to be responsible for contributing extremely large amounts of waste and chemicals going into landfill each year that destroys the beautiful earth!
We want to be known and recognised as an ethically sourced fashion brand that cares about women and our magnificent earth!
We care, about you and what you wear.

 "Empowering builds empowerment"

Our attitude is that there is more than enough room for us all to succeed. We strive to encourage and empower others to reach for their goals and celebrate their achievements alongside them.
Our goal with our t-shirts and their designs, is to help brighten up a bad day, to showcase what being apart of modern motherhood is all about, to inspire wearing them as a badge of honour, to be proud of milestones and achievements, to embrace our new roles, to have a good giggle at how interesting it can be and to celebrate it, and to empower us to feel comfortable in ourselves and follow our hearts. 
Helping others feel good and supporting them in their journey, whatever it may be, is one of our deepest and strongest values. We are only too happy to help others.